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Vinsanto, Estate Agyros Vertical tasting 2006-1980

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It was a morning of April, some days before Easter, when I found my self in Argyros winery, having a meeting with Mathew Argyros, one of the co-owners of the estate. Entering the small laboratory room, I saw a dozen of uncorked Vinsanto bottles in a row. “We opened them for some friends, come and taste them when you have some time” said Giwta, sales supervisor of the winery.

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Santorini Barrel 1994, Domaine Sigalas

A once in a lifetime wine tasting experience!

To be honest, tasting a 17 year old bottle of white wine, is not that common for me. It’s more than rare to taste a wine like that and not be disappointed, but thoroughly surprised...

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