Roussakis Ilias
Born in 1981, in Piraeus, Greece, the biggest commercial port in the Eastern Mediterranean, probably the cause that made him travel a lot. After acquiring his degree in viticulture in Athens, he decided to expand his education by moving to Bordeaux in France, the heart of the most well known wine producers, to become an oenologist. After travelling and earning experience in many different wineries all over Greece, he finally settled down in Santorini, offering services in viticulture and oenology. He has lived in Santorini since 2007 and he is the owner of one of the most distinctive bio farms of local Santorini products such as the famous santorinian cherry tomatoes!.

Dentopoulou Maria
Born in Athens in 1977.She has studied marketing science at the University of Athens. After finishing her studies, started working at the Domaine Sigalas winery in Oia –Santorini, as manager for the wine tasting room. She also studies at the W.S.P.C. ( Wine & Spirit professional consultans) to acquire her degree as a sommelier. Maria consistently associates and engages on a high energy level into animal activism and the ethical treatment of animals and she is popular among the Santorini society for her action on this cause!

Kalogeropoulou Panayiota
Born in 1980, in Athens. Panayiota has studied theatre and business administration. She has worked as a bartender and sommelier in restaurants located in Athens and the Cyclades.For the last three years she has been living on Santorini and she is specializing in wine, studying in Wine&Spirit Education Trust.She is big fan of wine in conjunction with the good food,and our favourite adviser for this issue!

Grammenos Alekos
Born in 1961, in Thessaloniki. Alekos visited Santorini for the very first time in 1993.He fell in love with the Santorinian life,few months later he started his first business in Oia He has worked also as a production manager in Domaine Sigalas’ vineyards for 3 years and he is a big fan of Santorini wines.Or Santorini wines are a big fan of Alekos-we still really cannot say! Alekos has been name tagged as the very soul of WIS Exclusive wine tour&tasting as he is the inspirator of the idea.