We established our company,” Wine in Santorini-exclusive wine tour and tasting”, on January 2011, on Santorini island.

We care on bringing you in touch with the wines and flavours of this majestic island. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to offer you a package on the wide spectrum of local wine presentation, wine tasting learning, combination of wine with local flavours, vine landscapes, along with the views of a unique -in the world- ecosystem, all inclusive. Our guest during the wine tour, have the chance to visit from 3 up to 5 wineries, exclusively chosen for the highly quality products, their approach on making wines, as also to their dedication to the Santorini wine itself.

In every winery, our guests will taste more than four different kinds of wine. They will also have the opportunity to discuss about the wines they taste with our trained escort or the winemaker, having at the end of the sensational tour an integrated idea of the wines produced on the island. During the ride between wineries, stopovers, will give you the chance to have a closer look at both traditional and modern vineyards, learning more about history and practice of over 3500 years old, cultivation of these species. During the final visit ,in every tour, an assortment of Cycladic cheese and ham, or a traditional salad (for vegetarians) are offered, in order to give our guest the chance to combine local wines and flavours.

For all our services, the itineraries are undertaken by a professional driver, in an air-conditioned mini bus and the pick-ups and drop offs can be arranged from any place desired by the guest. During the entire tour, an escort is present, willing to assist you in every need.

--- Our passion for the Santorinian landscapes and our love for the local and very special products have shown us the way to some new eco and agrotouristic excursions, for the 2012 season. The excavations of the archeological site in Akrotiri (one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe and one of the first cradles of winemaking around the world), the old mountain paths of the island and a plethora of indigenous farm products like fava peas, cherry tomatoes, white eggplants and wild crocus plant (saffron) are integrated to the already existing tours and excursions. ---